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Seat Belt Tidy Guides fitted to 46 MG TC – Review from customer

A recent review from one of our customers with a beautiful MG TC 1946 classic vehicle. They have fitted the aluminium seat belt tidys designed for the Mercedes SL107. A practical and good loking upgrade. Story below:
“We have a ’46 MG TC which we’ve had for years and love it .. but as we’ve got older Lizybet has become more aware of the fact it has no seat belts. I’d given various reasons why I hadn’t fitted them, the main one being they wouldn’t be much use anyway in a car with a wooden body frame. Needless to say that didn’t help much .. neither did me saying they would look out of place! 
There are a few TC’s that have lap belts, but while they might hold you in the seat, they would do a better job of bringing your face down on the dash. 
As I said Liz loves the car as much as I do, but it got to the point where she really wasn’t enjoying it. 
Then enter a 7 yr old grandson who really wanted to go for a ride in grandads old car. Of course there was no way on earth I could do that …. The OP (Originality Police) will have a field day but at least I can now take my grandson out for spin and Liz ‘feels’ more at ease. “