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Recent feedback for VW T5 dashboard instrument surround aluminium ring set

Recently we received some great feedback for the VW T5 instrument surrond aluminium ring set. The news was especially great to hear, as this was from a VW technician, and they clearly know their stuff!

Here is the review in full.

I’ve recently purchased a set of dashpod rings from your company.
I have to admit I wasn’t sure about doing any mods to my dash.
As a VW technician I have seen many a T5 looking like it has been covered in glue and driven through Halfords 🙄.
I found your product well made and very easy to fit, the job itself was a bit fiddly but I expected that.

I followed your advice and put some glue on the dash prior to fitting the rings.
I found an angled trim tool ideal in pulling the rings tight and into place.

I have attached some pictures to show the finished result.
What I imaged was going to be a nightmare of a mod wasn’t.
Your product has given my 14year old dashpod a new lease of life & looks pretty cool too.

Keep up the good work.


Derek Schofield

Here are the photo's we received.