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Volkswagen Golf Mk2 Solid Pewter Alloy Heater Controls


This is the new range of highly polished solid metal heater control accessories for the VW MK2 GOLF. As seen, these are 100% quality, perfectly shaped, and really do speak for themselves! These Metal heater controls replace the original plastic standard controls on the golf MARK 2,or VW Rabbit mark2 if you are abroad. They are metal alternatives of the original plastic controls and are of the highest quality since they have been made using extremely expensive machinery. Once fitted, they look amazing, and are far nicer to operate and should never snap like the plastic originals. So far these have been shipped all over the world, this includes shipping to places such as California, Canada and even Las Vegas. These would seriously suit anybody taking their Golf to a car show as they really are an awesome upgrade. The control set has appeared in show cars (including Golf G60s) at events such as GTI International and many others all with great reviews.

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Fitting: Golf mk2 C -> J-reg (1991)
Parts per set: Two sliders, one fan switch


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