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Aston Martin DB7 Vantage I6 Vanquish Aluminium Heater Control Dials



Solid aluminium, available in a polished chrome or brushed satin finish, these push\clip into place. These are made specially to order, and no expense is spared. They should have been included on the car originally as they look superb. Remove those dull looking plastic originals and add these to give your car interior the look an Aston deserves. They illuminate at night, and fit in seconds without the need to remove any of your dashboard. Similar dials cost £400 from Aston and do require dismantling of the dash too. There is a rough 4 week wait whilst this item is made to order. Limited number of sets available.

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Fitting: DB7 Vantage & vanquish (99-04yrs), I6 (94-98yrs)

Parts per set: 4 heater dial switches


Polished, Brushed


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